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East River Ferry and Lonely Planet Announce Partnership To Showcase Brooklyn and Queens

(New York, NY) June 16, 2011 – NY Waterway today announced their partnership with Lonely Planet, the world's leading travel content provider. The news comes after the successful launch of the new NY Waterway East River Ferry service which set sail on its inaugural voyage earlier this week.

The East River Ferry service will host Robert Reid, Lonely Planet's US Travel Editor, to lead special guided ferry tours, highlighting various waterfront attractions in Brooklyn and Queens along the new East River Ferry route. The two Lonely Planet tours will take place on Saturday, June 18, departing at 10:14 AM and 2:15 PM, beginning in Hunter's Point South/Long Island City and continuing along the ferry route to Greenpoint, North Williamsburg, South Williamsburg, and DUMBO. Riders will be provided with free Lonely Planet guide information on Brooklyn neighborhoods and attractions accessible from the East River Ferry, including St. George Hotel/Clark Street Station, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Fulton Landing, Washington Street, and the Manhattan Bridge.

"After the successful launch of the East River Ferry service earlier this week, we wanted to address not only the needs of our commuters, but also tourists and leisure-travelers," said Paul Goodman, CEO of Billybey Ferry Company, which conducts business under the NY Waterway brand. "The partnership with Lonely Planet will allow us to reach that group of ferry riders who are looking to discover parts of Brooklyn and Queens they have never visited."

"Lonely Planet knows New York City and we're excited to bring our expertise to locals and visitors alike," said Robert Reid, Lonely Planet's US Travel Editor. "As a long-time resident of New York, I love that the NY Waterway East River Ferry is opening access to the unique neighborhoods and history of Brooklyn and Queens."

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