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N. 6th St. / N. Williamsburg

Everyone has probably heard of North Williamsburg being described as the center of the Hipster Universe. Home to cutting edge art galleries, a vibrant nightlife, trendy restaurants, and eclectic hotels, it is also a staging ground for outdoor concert events and festivals, year-round and seasonal flea markets, "not your father's bowling establishments", and a weekly delightful outdoor market featuring local food artisans. North Williamsburg is a neighborhood that features a unique diversity that can be experienced by hanging out in coffee shops, strolling in serene park settings, attending art exhibitions and performances, or just hunting for food, drink, and/or clothing on Bedford Ave. Take a stroll into North Williamsburg, day or night, and you're sure to find something that excites you.

Fight or Flight Theater Company

Fight or Flight Theater Company is an ensemble of actor/aerialists committed to creating plays for the trapeze. We like what makes theater Theater. We specialize in plays and stories with heightened language and impossible imagery that we bring to life by putting them in the air and creating a uniquely theatrical event. We have a hankering for visceral storytelling, imaginative staging, and a wee bit of irreverence; and we elevate our work by literally elevating ourselves. We adore Theater and respect its great artists; but we will not hesitate to cut that Shakespeare joke about the “English Kersey” and the “French Velvet” if it’s not funny to a modern audience (Meas 1.ii). 

Our core aerialists received their initial trapeze training at the National Theatre Conservatory from famed aerial pioneer Robert Davidson. Our work still draws from his focus on elegant movement and expressive imagery. Our past productions have included a stripped down and sexy Richard II, a nightclub version of Henry V, an all-ages trapeze show based on Greek mythology, and an original 80s movie-inspired play called Trapeze Hero!. Find out more at www.fightorflighttheater.com.

281 North 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA